Firefly 50

Because we don't all have quite enough time to make 100.

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Firefly 50 is a community where Firefly and Serenity fans can take the challenge to make 50 icons on a certain claim of their choosing! They will have one month to finish the 50 icons, then the claim will be open for someone new to take on. Feel free to ask the mods questions!

Claim Ideas: Characters, Ships, Episodes.
Claims Post

1) All icons must be your own.
2) You can have up to 3 old icons, the rest must be made new for the challenge.
3) For organizational reasons, all 50 icons (or however many you get up to) must be posted in one entry.
4) You may post two samples, the rest of the icons must be under an LJ cut.
5) Be polite and respectful. Do not steal other people's work
6) Only one person can have a certain theme at a time. You will get a month to complete your 50 icons.
7) Make sure to link resources somewhere, in a post, in your user info, or in the entry.

When you post your icons in this journal, you can use a fake cut.

Required Icons (pick 5):
Can't Take the Sky (Theme Song)
A Specific Emotion
Big Damn _____

Link Us: (more coming soon, please save buttons to your own server)
Book says that there is a special hell reserved for people who don't check out Firefly 50! Inara likes to do icon community companioning in her free time. Jayne just might trade Vera for 50 icons of himself. Kaylee thinks Firefly 50 is shiny! Mal wouldn't mind seeing 50 icons of himself. He was stabbed, you know.
River is a psychic. She knows you want to check out Firefly 50. Simon imagines that if it were 100 icons his eyes would be wider. Wash puts down his dinos to check out Firefly 50. She can kill you with her pinky... Do you really want to risk that? I'd check out Firefly 50.

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